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Chickpeas, black beans, and split peas

Check out these delicious, wholefood recipes that are inspiring me from around the web this week.


I receive a lot of requests from my people to try and make things Asian inspired.  I love to eat this kind of thing but I have zero confidence when it comes to cooking it.  In my fridge, I must have about 100 different bottles of half finished sauces from the Asian section of the supermarket.  Even so, I feel like it never quite tastes right.  This is a healthy take on an Asian takeaway favorite.  What I love about the following recipe is that it’s all about using up random leftovers to create something super yummy and nourishing. That’s my jam!  (Cookie and Kate)


The vegetable featured in the following recipe was never a favorite of mine.  This makes things tricky because it is the first thing people who aren’t veggies will cook for you when you go for dinner.  Over time, and by experimenting myself, I have come to realise the vegetable wasn’t the problem. Once you know how to bring out the wonderful flavors of an ingredient it all seems so easy.  I am happy to report that I love this veggie and eat it often now.  The following recipe shows just how versatile an ingredient it is, whilst having a little fun with a lunchtime favorite.  (Love and Lemons)


My style of home cooking has a heavy Mediterranean influence.  This has a lot to do with how I was raised but also the flavours I am naturally drawn to.  The moment I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it.  It reminded me of my childhood (minus the mince meat).  I think I’m going to give it a go on the weekend as It’s a dish that needs a little extra time and patients to prepare.   (The First Mess)


I love a picnic.  There’s something really cool about sitting on a blanket outdoors with an esky full of food.  It’s a great way to allow yourself to be in the moment.  The following recipe is a great picnic staple.  It’s easy to transport and tastes great cold. In fact, this would make a great packed lunch too.  (The Veg Space)



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