about a vegetarianWhole food lover, part-time blogger.  I get my kicks from creating simple and tasty vegetarian meals that even the meat lovers in my life enjoy.

Hi, my name is Paula. This blog is a record of my journey as a newly minted vegetarian living with a couple of meat eaters in Melbourne, Australia.

Growing up I was the “fussy eater” in the family.  As a child I would ask to be excused during a meal to go to the bathroom – then stay there until dinner was over.  As a teenage girl with dreams of becoming a professional entertainer my unhealthy relationship with food continued. Skinny was the goal and carbs were the enemy. Unless of course we’re talking about red licorice, then it was a packet a day!

All that changed when I had the kid.  It’s amazing what being in charge of another person’s well being will do to snap you out of bad habits. One thing you realise really quickly when you have kids is that they mostly learn by watching what you do.  I wanted the kid to eat a varied and nourishing diet. So I had to do it too.

It never even occurred to me that I could become a vegetarian. I was never a big meat eater anyway, but it was so ingrained in my upbringing and culture. It was not something I had ever considered until recently.   Since making the switch to a whole food, plant based diet I can safely say that I have never felt better.  It’s so freeing not to be scared of eating carbs anymore!

This is where the name a new green leaf came from. By changing how I looked at food I was turning over a new leaf – a new green leaf. I am not a professional writer or photographer.  I am just a girl who is compelled to share her love of cooking yummy, healthy food. Maybe I can inspire others, just as my favorite vegetarian food bloggers have inspired me.


Thanks for visiting. xx