Epic Berry Porridge with Cashew Butter and Chia Seeds

Berry Porridge 1

Porridge is always a great way to start your day. Porridge nourishes and fills you up with that lovely slow burning energy.  It’s super simple to make from scratch and my Epic Berry Porridge with Cashew Butter and Chia Seeds really hits the spot. Seriously, I get requests for this from my people.


Quick oats and milk


I am not a morning person.   Until I’ve had a shower and that first sip of coffee I am pretty much mute. When it comes to breakfast, my track record is average at best.  I have been that person who has a coffee and cigarette for breakfast (hello early twenties).  The breakfast bar phase (I actually thought I was being healthy, it’s said ‘fat free’ on the packet), been there.  I have also been known to skip breakfast all together in the quest for thin (didn’t work, I would just scoff whatever I could get my hands on at about 11am).


Frozen berries, cashew butter, and chia seeds


What I have come to realise is, if I can start the day being kind to my body it sets the intention for the rest of the day. Taking the time to make myself something nutritious first thing in the morning eliminates the negative struggle that comes with depriving myself.  I can eat something, it can be yummy, and it can be good for me.


Maple Syrup


I love porridge for breakfast because it takes very little effort to make, and the health benefits of oats are out of this world.  The addition of berries and cashew butter, not to mention maple syrup, takes the humble bowl of porridge to another level.  I can safely say that this delicious berry porridge always puts a spring in my step.

In the summertime I use fresh berries but it tastes just as good with the frozen kind.  Also, I use cashew butter because it’s my favorite but you can use any nut butter you have to hand.  The chia seeds add another dimension to the bowl.  They kind of pop in your mouth and have a great subtle nuttiness that harmonises with the other ingredients.  Try it and let me know what you think.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Epic Berry Porridge with Cashew Butter and Chia Seeds

Serves 2

1 x cup Oats (I either use quick, or rolled oats)

2 x cups milk (dairy, soy, nut, your choice)

3/4 x cup mixed berries

2 x tbs cashew butter

2 x tsp chia seeds

1 x tbs maple syrup



  • Combine the quick oats and the milk in a pot and place on the stove on a low/medium heat.  Give it a little stir.  Keep an eye on your pot.  Milk tends to go from nothing to burnt very quickly so keep the heat low and stir it regularly.
  • Give your berries a quick wash under a cold tap and gently pat them dry.  Now place the berries into a microwave safe container and cover with clingfilm.  Place your bowl of berries in the microwave for about 20 seconds on high.  You want the berries to heat through so they become lovely and soft and release some of their yummy juices.  The time you blitz them in the microwave will vary depending on the type and amount of berries you use.
  • Check your oat/milk mixture on the stove.  Has it started to simmer?  If so, give it a good stir and turn down the heat.  You want it to gently simmer for about 5-8 minutes.  That is, until the mixture thickens up and starts to look like porridge. At this stage, you really need to stay with the pot and keep stirring the mixture.  This will prevent the milk from sticking to the bottom.
  • Once you have cooked the oats for around 5-8 minutes and you have reached the desired consistency take it off the heat.  You’re now ready to construct your delicious bowl of goodness!
  • Divide the porridge evenly between two bowls.  Spoon your warmed berries and some of their delicious juices on top, followed by a tablespoon of cashew butter.  Now drizzle the maple syrup (1/2 for each person), and sprinkle with chia seeds to finish.


Bowl of Epic Berry Porridge

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