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Since becoming a vegetarian I have developed quite an obsession with black beans.  They are cheap, easy to cook, and incredibly versatile. Black beans can be served hot or cold, firm or mushy.  Black beans are also super nourishing. Did I mention how much I love black beans?


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One of the first dishes I learned to make using black beans was this Black Bean Salsa.  It’s incredibly simple to make and super tasty. It’s a great addition to any BBQ and makes a delicious pack lunch paired with some baby spinach and avocado. Best of all, the robust ingredients last well in the fridge.  I like to make a big batch of Black Bean Salsa on a Sunday afternoon.  This way I don’t have to prepare my lunch for the next 3 days or so.



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My black bean salsa is a variation on one I found on Cookie and Kate.  The first time I made it I followed the recipe word for word. Except for the cilantro (also known in my neck of the woods as coriander), I just can’t get into it.  So I used continental parsley instead.  The great thing about being a home cook is you don’t always have to stick to the original recipe. Limes too expensive?  Use lemons instead.  Don’t like coriander? Use parsley instead.  As long as the end result is delicious, who cares?


Black Bean Salsa

Serves 4

1 cup cooked back beans (tinned is fine)

1/2 red capsicum (diced)

1/2 small red onion (diced)

I ear of corn

1/2 punnet of cherry tomatoes

1/2 lemon (juice + rind)

small handful of parsley (finely chopped)

salt + pepper to taste


  • Cook your corn on a griddle pan, turning periodically until it’s cooked right the way around.  Set aside to cool.
  • Dice the red capsicum and red onion. Quarter the cherry tomatoes. Place all three ingredients into a large (preferably glass) bowl.
  • Drain and rinse your tin of black beans or measure 1 cup of home cooked, cooled, black beans.  Add them to the bowl of veggies.
  • Once your corn is cool, cut the corn off the cob with a nice sharp knife. Add the corn to the bowl with the capsicum, onion, tomatoes, and black beans.
  • Now, grate the lemon rind over your bowl of salsa.  Add the juice of 1/2 a lemon and some salt and pepper.
  • Mix all the ingredients together with a fork or spoon several times.
  • Add your finely chopped parsley and mix again.  Check for seasoning.  Does it need more salt, pepper, or lemon juice?
  • Once you feel like you have the seasoning right cover the bowl with some clingfilm.  Put it in the fridge and let it sit for about 1 hour before serving.  This gives all the yummy flavors time to develop and harmonize.

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