Easy Pumpkin Soup

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Pumpkin Soup

When it’s cold outside or I’m feeling a little under the weather, I always crave Pumpkin Soup. It’s warming and nourishing and incredibly easy to make.  What’s more, you can make a really big batch at once and store individual portions in the freezer for later.

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What’s Cooking?

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Almonds, peas, and mint

Got friends coming ’round on Friday night for a BBQ?  Want to mix it up a bit by serving an old favorite in a different way?  Here are my picks of mouthwatering veggie recipes from around the web this week.

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How to Make Simple Cashew Butter

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Cashew butter on banana bread

Let me tell you about the time Cashew Butter changed my life.  I know that sounds melodramatic but hear me out…

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Black Bean Salsa

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Black Bean Salsa 1


Since becoming a vegetarian I have developed quite an obsession with black beans.  They are cheap, easy to cook, and incredibly versatile. Black beans can be served hot or cold, firm or mushy.  Black beans are also super nourishing. Did I mention how much I love black beans? Continue reading “Black Bean Salsa”