Smashed Peas with Almonds and Chilli

Smashed Peas with Almonds and Chilli

When people come to dinner at my place I like to have a home-made dip ready to serve with drinks.  It’s a great way to relax into the evening and allows you a little extra prep time for your main meal.  I have several dips I alternate between but I wanted to share this one with you today because of it’s festive vibe.  Unexpected, vibrant, and incredibly tasty, this Smashed Peas with Almonds and Chilli is a real show stopper.

Peas, red chilli, almonds, lemon, and fresh mint

I found this recipe in a cookbook called ‘The Green Kitchen’ by a couple called David and Luise.  You may have heard of them. They run a little blog called Green Kitchen Stories and are major foodies. (Disclosure: I’m being facetious, these guys are rock stars in the veggie blogging world)

I don’t know about you, but I often feel intimidated by proper foodies.  They always seem so much more grown up than me – what with their knowledge of textures, sprouting, and locally sourced organic produce.   I get it, and I respect that path. But for me, where I’m at right now is getting back to basics. I’m talking eating real food, prepared at home.

That’s why, when I come across a recipe that’s brilliant in it’s simplicity I just have to try it.

chopped chilli, mint, and almonds

I may not be a proper foodie but I love to cook for family and friends. I want to eat well, nourish myself and the people I love. I want to cook crazy tasty food.  That’s why I love recipes like this Smashed Peas with Almonds and Chilli so much.  The crunch of the almonds, heat of the chilli, and the sweetness of the baby peas are a match made in heaven.  What’s more, frozen peas people… It couldn’t be easier.

smashed peas

Just be sure to make this dip right before you plan on serving it.  The vibrancy of the green can fade quite quickly.  It still tastes amazing but it doesn’t look as pretty.  If you’re not a fan of chilli you could try making it without but you won’t get the same awesomeness.  I would try removing the seeds and only using, say, 1/2 a chilli instead for a milder flavor.  You do have to use fresh mint though, not dried.  I love me some dried mint but this is not the place for it – trust me.  Have a go and let me know what you think.

Smashed Peas with Almonds and Chilli

Serves 4-6

3 1/2 cups frozen baby peas (thawed)

1/2 cup roasted almonds (coarsely chopped)

juice of 1/2 a lemon

1 fresh red chilli (finely chopped)

1 small bunch of mint leaves

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

salt (to taste)


  • Prep all your ingredients i.e. chop your almonds, chilli, and mint leaves and juice your lemon so it’s ready to go.
  • Using a stick blender, puree your thawed baby peas leaving some whole to create a rough-textured mash.
  • Now add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl of mashed peas and gently mix through with a spoon or fork.
  • Serve immediately with veggie sticks and some pumpernickel toast points.

Smashed Pea Dip




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