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Tahini and Olive Oil

The holidays are fast approaching – where’s 2017 gone?  I don’t know about you, but I like to get creative with my dishes when friends and family come around during the festive season.  The following are some deliciously inspiring finds from around the web.


I felt spoilt for choice this week, searching my favorite blogs for some festive inspiration.  It was like each recipe jumped out at me and begged me to include them in my ‘What’s Cooking?’ post. I was feeling quite pleased with myself until I saw my picks lined up. Three out of the four recipes I had chosen contained the same veggie.  That wasn’t really the vibe I was going for. So, back to the drawing board. Meanwhile, I promptly cooked myself a big batch of this veggie because clearly my body was craving it. This recipe made the cut because it looked too yummy not to share.  Perfect for a casual, fun get- together that may or may not include juicy gossip and alcohol consumption. (Cookie and Kate)


This next recipe is the perfect dish to bring to the family Christmas BBQ. It’s full of lovely, simple ingredients that are really easy to throw together.  Typically it’s quite hot during the festive season around these parts so this fresh and crunchy dish is sure to be a winner.  (Love and Lemons)


Okay, so this dish probably won’t be something the kids fight over at Christmas lunch but it’s sure to impress the adults.  Not only does it look spectacular it’s also incredibly nourishing.  So, if you’re the token family vegetarian (like me) then this dish will ensure you don’t get stuck with iceberg lettuce and a roast potato for lunch. (The Hungry Australian)


The final recipe is an old holiday tradition with a new twist.  Let’s be honest, this is a time of year when most of us over-indulge.  To that end it’s nice to know I can whip up this guilt-free treat. (My New Roots)




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