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Spinach, zucchini, and hummus

As I peruse through my favorite Veggie Blogs I find that with the new year comes a whole lot of amazing new recipes.  Some of them meant for redemption but all of them delicious, innovative, and inspiring.  Here’s my pick of great recipes from around the web this week.



This first dish is all about the redeeming qualities of simple ingredients.  I love that such inexpensive, everyday ingredients can create such a nourishing and tasty meal. In fact, that’s pretty much my mantra.  I plan on trying out this recipe on my meat eaters for dinner tonight.  (My New Roots)


I am terrible at cooking sweets.  Mainly because I don’t have the patients or the desire for it.  But when I come across something as delectable as this next recipe, I have to give it a go.  Firstly, it’s like, my most favorite sweet. My Auntie makes the traditional kind whenever we have a big family function and I always leave room for a piece.  Or two… I can a imagine a lovely big batch of this with a nice strong coffee.  (Chocolate For Basil)


Did somebody say ‘simple’?  That is my favorite word when it comes to trying new recipes.  That, and yum.  This next recipe has both those words in spades.  A great idea for a homemade breakfast or snack, the following recipe is genius in it’s simplicity.  (Blissful Basil)


This next recipe isn’t a recent one for this innovative foodie but it sure fits the season in my part of the world at the moment.  I love the mix of textures and flavours.  I can see myself making this to take to a BBQ or batch cooking it on a Sunday to have at work during the week.  (Naturally Ella)


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