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capsicum, kale, carrot, and onion

When I feel like I’m in a bit of a cooking rut I like to get inspiration from around the web.  It may be a twist on an old favorite, or a veggie that I haven’t had in rotation for a while.  Here are my picks for this week.

The great thing about the following recipe, is that you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy it.  It would make a great side dish at Sunday lunch.  Then, when everyone’s gone home and you’ve tidied up for the night, you can have the leftovers for a quick light dinner. (Cookie and Kate)


Sometimes, it’s just the wonderful colours that grab me.  That’s definitely what I find inspiring about this dish.  That, and the fact that some pretty run of the mill veggies get to be the hero.  (Green Kitchen Stories)


I am not one for massive prep in the morning.  The easier it is to throw together something nourishing and yummy, the happier I am.  My only issue is, will it be there in the morning to pack?  Bowls of all this deliciousness in the fridge are sure to be secretly scoffed by a certain someone in my house when he’s feeling peckish.  (Blissful Basil)


When you’re looking for an interesting salad or comforting savory dish, I’m your girl.  This next recipe is not something I’m comfortable making – I feel like I suck at it.  That may be why I am drawn to it.  I would love to be better at making this kind of thing.  Every once in a while, if the recipe is not overly complicated, I will have another go.  Wish me luck!  (Veggie num num)

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