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So many recipes, so little time…

Welcome to another post covering all the amazing veggie recipe ideas I’m finding from around the web.


This first recipe is a favorite of mine.  It really does go with everything.  I just love the freshness of the ingredients.  The light, summery flavors are sure to brighten up any savory dish.  What’s more, when you realize how easy it is to make at home you’ll wonder how you ever ate the store bought kind. (Cookie and Kate)


This next dish speaks right to my love of Italian flavors.  It also reminds me of my Grandma’s veggie garden growing up.  I can remember how the freshly picked veggies were often warm from the sun.  But what really drew me to this recipe was the clever way it adds a hit of plant protein making this dish a yummy main meal all on its own.  (Vegetarian Ventures)


The following recipe contains my absolute favorite way to eat carbs.  If you were to tell me I wasn’t allow to eat carbs in any other form but this I would be content for the rest of my days.  Throw in those lovely fresh flavors and you have a dish that I want to eat right now.  (Love and Lemons)


Many of us associate certain dishes or ingredients with the holidays.  What I love about this final recipe is that it can make any time of the year feel like a celebration.  It also makes a hero out of a veggie that, in my opinion, is often given a bad wrap.  I can’t wait to bring this dish out at the next family gathering and watch them be pleasantly surprised.  (The Simple Veganista)







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