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Four Beans

Whether you call yourself a vegetarian or not, everybody can benefit from a couple of meat free meals per week. Veggies are gentle on our systems, easier for our bodies to break down.  Not to mention easier on the wallet.

Often people think they would like to try say, ‘Meatless Monday’ but they just don’t know where to start. Well fear not my friends!  The great thing about veggie blogs is they’re not just for vegetarians.  At a new green leaf not only do you get all my favorites that I cook at home but some great inspiration from around the web too.

The following are some of the super yummy recipes that I want to try this week.


Delicious, colourful food on the go.  If I’m going on a picnic, a long drive or having a day at the beach I just love to pack food prepared in this way.  (Love and Lemons)


I stopped trying to make this dish for the very reason mentioned in the following post – it always sucked.  I don’t like it when a food tries to be something it’s not.  For me, food has to be tasty and authentic.   That’s what I love about this recipe.  The ingredients are gutsy yet easy to put together.  This is definitely going on my ‘Let’s try something different,’ Friday night menu.  (My New Roots)


This next dish is green overload in a bowl – in the very best way possible. What I love most is it looks light but packs a real punch when it comes to nutrition.  Bring this baby with you to a family gathering and watch them all come back for seconds. (The Muffin Myth)


When I’m at the supermarket or a certain coffee shop I often think the following recipe sounds so nice.  I have never tried it though, because I know the ingredients are most probably less than natural.  So, you can imagine my delight when I came across this recipe. All natural ingredients, super simple to make and a little bit fancy. Perfect for Saturday morning brunch. (The Colourful Kitchen)





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