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Spinach, quinoa, and sundried tomatoes

It’s no secret that I love food.  I love to cook it, eat it, think about it, and shop for it.  What I’m making for dinner is often the first thing on my mind when I get up in the morning.  That’s why I love the internet.  You can find inspiration around every virtual corner.  The following recipes are some of my favorites for this week.


These food blogging pros really know how to present a meal.  However, what draws me to their posts time and time again is the simplicity of their creations.  Just good, wholesome food that’s easy to throw together.  The following dish is the epitome of this ethos.  It’s home cooking at its finest, and definitely on my cooking list for this week.  (Green Kitchen Stories)


I have never been very interested in this type of cooking for several reasons.  Firstly, the indulgence factor was never appealing to a girl on an endless quest for thin.  Secondly, the complexity of the recipes always put me off – I simply don’t have the patients.  The following recipe had me re-thinking my disinterest.  The clever use of healthy to make something so yum, I just have to give this a go.  (Chocolate for Basil)


This next dish is a complete meal in a bowl and how I like to eat most of the time.  I just love the combination of different textures and flavours that’s going on here.  What’s more, it’s a nourishing and satisfying marriage that’s sure to be a winner at any lunch or dinner table. (Blissful Basil)


Here we go again.  I just couldn’t resist throwing in another shout out to my favorite carb.  As soon as I saw this next dish I just new I had to cook it (and eat it).  I love the innovative use of classic ingredients.  It’s perfect for a dinner party or a simple meal for you and your lover on the couch.  Now that’s my kind of dish. (The First Mess)





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